WINDataNOW! Technologies LLC

WINDataNOW LogoWINDataNOW Technologies LLC was founded in 2007 and was developed in coordination with OSIsoft and Transpara. WINDataNOW is a provider of operational forecasting data services for wind plants, that uses real-time data technology to reduce uncertainty in variable generation plant operations and improve forecast and scheduling performance.

Technology Development

In 2007 WINData installed the WINDataNOW! C-Gorge project – a real-time meteorological (met) data solution built on the OSIsoft PI System historian software. This solution was designed to respond to the needs of operators and forecasters in the Columbia River Gorge wind energy resource area and ease the integration of wind plants into existing utility infrastructure by delivering better 1 to 2 hour ahead meteorological data to subscribers.

WINDataNOW! C-Gorge comprised three on-axis and two counter-axis real-time PI System enabled met towers to provide data streams to accurately forecast dynamic changes in wind energy production at the Wasco, Arlington, Goldendale and Bickleton sites with 60 to 120 minute lead times

Real-Time Architecture

in 2008-2009 WINData conducted research work for John Deere Renewables to develop an OSIsoft PI based data system architecture for collection and archiving of John Deere’s fleet of met stations and to provide a platform to develop 4G real-time wind data systems. This work researched a variety of options and developed a robust, high fidelity, meteorological data collection and transmission infrastructure for John Deere renewables.

In 2009, WINData began working with Ken Young, Asset manager at NaturEner to problem solve the scheduling challenges presenting at the 200MW Glacier Wind plant in north central Montana

WINData submitted a proposal and served as Principal Investigator on 2009 US DOE DE-EE0001388 – “Use of real-time off-site observations as a methodology for increasing forecast skill in prediction of large wind power ramps one or more hours ahead of their impact on a wind plant” . This work was conducted in the north central Montana area around NaturEner’s Glacier Wind plant. The published final report can be found and downloaded at OSTI.