windata_logo_small_Checks_onlyCoyote Energy’s sister company WINData LLC is a provider of engineering, project management and data services to the wind industry. Coyote Energy and WINData have been central in the development of utility wind generation projects in Montana and throughout the west since 1991, starting the Blackfeet/Cut Bank and Judith Gap developments.

WINData Wind Project and Site Development Services

WINData is a wind energy engineering company providing professional project and site development services to the growing industry.

WINData offers veteran professional expertise, with experience in the wind energy business since 1991 and offers comprehensive and strictly confidential professional services to clients on an “out-sourced” basis. Some of the services WINData offers are:

  • Utility and energy business technical understanding
  • Identification and origination of wind development opportunities
  • Project scoping, development strategy and bid formulation
  • Technical team assembly, leadership and management
  • Wind resource assessment and meteorological science
  • Wind project micro-siting, project design and output modeling
  • Conducting meetings with land owners, communities, Utilities, stakeholders, governmental agencies and tribes
  • Contract and agreement formulation, negotiation and execution
  • Technical writing and presentations

Current WINData Projects

  • Fairfield Wind, LLC – 10MW site in MT
  • Greenfield Wind, LLC – 25MW site in MT
  • Crazy Mountain Wind, LLC – 78MW site in MT
  • Coyote Wind, LLC – 80MW site in Springdale, MT
  • Big Wind WY, LLC – 680MW site in Shirley Basin, WY