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Marty Wilde

Marty Wilde brings a long-term, seasoned perspective on the wind industry, strategic thinking and technical expertise dating back to 1991 that is highly respected by major utilities, investors and wind energy experts. Wilde is a Project and Business Development Specialist.

Wilde launched Coyote Energy in 1991 to develop commercial energy projects and provide development services to the energy industry. Wilde has worked as a project developer, managing engineer and scientist for numerous commercial and government teams since 1984 and has extensive experience supporting both public and private sector organizations.

Wilde has overseen project design, research, negotiation, procurement, engineering, construction, testing and reporting of energy projects, serving as the lead contact between energy companies, tribes, government agencies and developers and has created and managed federal and state grants, contracts, training programs, and development initiatives. He possesses many years of specialized experience in utility-scale energy project development and is a resourceful, practical problem solver and technical team leader. Mr. Wilde holds a Master’s degree in engineering from Ohio State University and possesses excellent, oral, and written communication skills.

Wilde pioneered the Blackfeet wind resource in Glacier and Toole Counties, organized the annual Montana Wind Symposium with Dr. John Mandel of MSU, installed the first utility scale wind turbines on Blackfeet tribal lands and starting the first large scale wind project in Judith Gap, Montana,in Wheatland County.

Mr. Wilde has extensive experience in:

  • Utility and energy business technical understanding
  • Identifying and spearheading development opportunities
  • Project scoping, development strategy and proposal formulation
  • Leading technical teams and project management
  • Resource assessment
  • Project design
  • Financial modeling
  • Conducting meetings with landowners, communities, utilities, government agencies, Tribes, and other stakeholders
  • Contract and agreement formulation, negotiation and execution
  • Technical writing

Wilde’s projects include:

  • Blackfeet I – 65 MW wind project on reservation with SeaWest, BPA and Montana Power 1993-1999
  • Coyote I (Judith Gap Energy) – 150 MW site in Judith Gap, Montana, later completed by Invenergy. 1999 – 2003
  • Anaconda Wind – 100 MW bid to BPA on BP/Arco superfund cleanup site. Done with SeaWest 2000
  • Rudnick Ranch (Southern Sierra) – 300 MW project site in Tehacaphi/Mohave CA, 2000-2003
  • A- Rim – 1500MW site proposed to Cielo Windpower, 2003
  • Coyote Wind, LLC – 80 MW wind project development in Southern Montana. 2003 – present
  • Two Medicine Wind, LLC – 200 MW wind project development in Northern Montana. 2000 – present
  • Hay Creek Wind, LLC – 117 MW wind project development in Eastern Montana. 2006 – present
  • Rocky Canyon Wind – 200 MW in Idaho 2006 – present
  • Hay Creek Wind, LLC – 117 MW wind project development in Eastern Montana. 2006 – present
  • Hopley Creek Wind, LLC – 1000 MW wind project development in Central Montana. 2006 – present
  • Greenraven Wind – 1612 MW in California 2007 – present
  • Big Wind Oregon – 819 MW in Oregon 2007 – present
  • Big Wind WY – 1000 MW in Wyoming 2007 – present
  • Pine Creek Wind – 500 MW in Oregon 2007 – present
  • Prospect Wind, LLC – 10 MW wind project development in Montana 2007 – present
  • Save The Planet Green Energy Complex (STP1) – 7500 MW in western US 2008 – present

Expert for hire services

A sample of Wilde’s client work over the past 21 years includes:

  • Chinook Wind – Resource Analysis of site portfolio for BP renewables
  • U.S. Dept. of Energy – Project Manager , multiple projects
  • Truwind – Wind map verification
  • State of Montana – Meteorological data analysis
  • Cielo Wind Power (Texas Wind Power) – Project Development
  • State of Montana – Author permitting guide wind plant construction in Montana.
  • Zilkha Renewable Energy – Project and Business Development
  • SeaWest WindPower – Project and Business Development
  • Enron Wind – Project and Business Development
  • FloWind – Project and Business Development
  • Southern Sierra Power – Technical Consultant to land owner
  • Blackfeet Indian Tribe – Wind Energy Development Lead

Professional Memberships

Society of Exploration Geophysicists
American Welding Society
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
Utility Variable Generation Integration Group
American Wind Energy Association