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Launched in 1991, Coyote Energy, Inc. is a developer of utility-scale renewable energy projects and a provider of professional project site development expertise. Coyote Energy stresses project suitability, comprehensive site analysis, sustainability, investment quality proposals, community acceptance and environmentally neutral design.

Vision and Passionwind renewables

Coyote Energy is a project “rainmaker” with a 23 year history of working to move domestic energy development away from dependency on exhaustible fuel sources. We believe in providing a good balance between our nation’s appetite for energy, our energy resources and our technical ability to produce energy. We are dedicated to bootstrap development of economical and technically viable project pipelines.

Business Relationships

We work in strategic relationships with select clients sharing an interest in the creation of realistic energy strategies and project pipelines. Our partners and clients include energy companies, venture investors, development companies, real estate developers, law firms, utilities, Native American tribes, federal and state governmental agencies and other clients across the nation and worldwide.


Our services encompass project conceptualization, asset development, project feasibility assessment, economic modeling, finance structuring, due diligence review and project management.

Coyote Energy Principal, Marty Wilde, has proposed and managed federal grants, contracts, and training programs. Wilde has originated and managed a half-dozen renewable energy development initiatives for the US Department of Energy.

Renewable Energy Project Experiencekids turbine renewable

Our long list of project experience includes:

  • Project Manager –US Department of Energy Grant to the Makah Tribe
  • Principal investigator – State of Montana wind resource assessment of state school trust lands. Meteorological data analysis. Project modeling
  • Project Developer – Cielo Wind Power – develop commercial wind projects in western US
  • Wind Energy Consultant – State of Montana – develop and draft a permitting guide for commercial wind plant construction in Montana
  • Project Development consultant – Zilkha Renewable Energy – researched and prepared market analysis and business plan for wind power development in Montana
  • Project Development Specialist – SeaWest WindPower- 150 MW multi-site “Wheatland County” project for proposal to Montana Power Company. Developed sites in Judith Gap, MT and proposal with/for SeaWest
  • Project Developer/Manager – SeaWest WindPower – originated 50 MW “Copper Valley” project for construction on Superfund site in Anaconda, MT. Proposed project as part of SeaWest portfolio bid to BPA
  • Project Technical Consultant – Southern Sierra Power Project – to land owner in negotiation with Florida Power and Light (FPLE) for, 276 MW Wind Project near Tehachapi, CA
  • Project Lead/Manager – Blackfeet Indian Tribe / SeaWest – Brought BPA, The Blackfeet Tribe, Montana Power Company and SeaWest WindPower together to implement the first large wind development in Montana, 66 MW
  • Project Manager and Business manager – U.S. Dept. of Energy – 1999 “Field Verification Program for Small Wind Turbines” project. Created/constructed/operated utility-scale wind project city sewer lagoon in Browning, MT
  • Project Manager and Business manager – U.S. Dept. of Energy – 1996 Title XXVI, “Indian Energy Resource Development” project. Created, constructed and operated the first utility-scale wind project on Indian lands
  • Creator/Director of “Siyeh Development Corporation” – Blackfeet Indian Tribe – Created and headed up a federal corporation for utility and business development
  • Assembled and headed Blackfeet Wind Park Development Team consisting of Blackfeet Tribe, BPA, BEF, MPC, Western MT G&T, Dames & Moore, to set up wind farm on the Blackfeet Reservation
  • Principle Investigator – U.S. Dept. of Energy – technical outreach with Montana State University and Montana Tech